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How to acquire the required Bricks

How to acquire the required bricks

I used bricklink studio to design the Truck, so the easiest way to order the right bricks is via as described below. But feel free to order the bricks elsewhere.

Note I do not have any affiliation with other than that I used their design tool and ordered parts at the different sellers.

Upload the file

    1. Go to Want > Upload
    2. Upload file from your computer
    3. Browse for file
        • Select the HybridPickupTruck BricklinkStudio-rev *.io file (assumes you have downloaded the facilitator pack from the downloads page.

 Buy all items

  1. In the wanted list click on quantity of one of the items
  2. Enter the required quantity
  3. Save changes when done
  4. Click Buy All

Select stores to buy from

  1. Select where you want to buy
  2. Select the desired currency
  3. You can indicate if lots below Wanted qty are excluded
  4. Select the store you want to buy from.
    • Note that sometimes you need to buy from multiple stores as none of the stores have all the desired parts or desired quantities.
  5. Check the stores price and confirm the selection to add it to your shopping cart.

View cart and checkout

  1. Open your cart for the supplier you want to buy from.
  2. And select proceed to checkout.

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