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CM is fun

CM is fun

Stay tuned for a big announcement end of August 2019

CM is actually a lot of fun


For some reason a lot of people perceive Configuration Management as boring,  a lot of administrative bureaucracy, very paper/document oriented, an innovation killer, and a lot of other things which are very well depicted by the man in front of the filing cabinets. This image is what prevents people from seeing that CM is not only important and very valuable for a business but is actually a lot of fun.

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Engineers like to design new stuff. People in the factory like to build products. But often times people do not communicate properly between departments and across functions. Because that would require them to step out of their comfort zone. 

However good communication and collaboration on changes to the product or your business processes are critical for the success of any change. Not to mention the reduction in waste and increased speed of implementation that will be gained.

Fun people to be around

People working in Configuration Management are the glue that brings everybody to the table. That requires them to have people/soft skills to engage people from across the company even when they do not want to. In other words fun people to be around. 

Continual improvement

If you look at a CM standard like EIA -649C:2019, you will indeed find CM is about CM Planning and Management,  Configuration Identification, Configuration Change Management, Configuration Status Accounting and Configuration Verification & Audit.

And while these things are very important to be defined and deployed properly, Configuration management is for a large part people change management. That sounds a lot like doing a lean project or introducing agile. Continually finding ways to make the next step, the next improvement to become better, faster while delivering the right quality. Changing  the behaviour of people for the better of the company. And being part of these improvements is very rewarding, fulfilling and fun.

Stay tuned

And to make it more fun. End of August 2019 I will make a big announcement, so stay tuned!

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