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Timing is Everything

In air travel, timing is everything because we do not want to miss our flight or miss a connecting flight. Also, in stories, timing is everything, as it can make or break a story. The same holds for changes; timing can make or break a change. This article will explore the fourth and last component of the CM Baseline: Planning to be more precise Implementation Plans. If you missed any… Read More »Timing is Everything

COVID-19 Impact on Configuration Management

The results The results of the COVID-19 Impact on Configuration Management Survey are in. The survey received 35 responses. Thank you for your participation. The responses came from people representing various industries: And as expected some, about a third of the companies, have felt the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic to their Configuration Management processes and ways of working.  On the question: How would you characterize your pre-COVID-19 CM Implementation? CM Implementation… Read More »COVID-19 Impact on Configuration Management

COVID-19 Impact on Configuration Management Survey

Please take a couple of minutes to fill in this survey. It is a brief survey with max 10 questions to understand the impact of COVID-19 on Configuration Management processes/procedures/ways of working as implemented in your company. The results will be shared on this website ( You will remain anonymous, you do not need to share your email address, name or phone number. Go to survey here. Thank you. Martijn