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change implementation plan


Timing is Everything

In air travel, timing is everything because we do not want to miss our flight or miss a connecting flight. Also, in stories, timing is everything, as it can make or break a story. The same holds for changes; timing can make or break a change. This article will explore the fourth and last component of the CM Baseline: Planning to be more precise Implementation Plans. If you missed any… Read More »Timing is Everything

We need a cross-platform interface for impact analysis!

We need a cross-platform interface for impact analysis! Co-author: Martin Haket In case you have missed it, at the IpX ConX19 conference in San Diego Martin Haket and me stirred things up with our question to the panel of PLM/CLM vendors when we can expect a proper standard to support Impact Analysis across business systems. Oleg Shilovitsky already posted several articles about this:  Who needs PLM standards? What would happen if PLM vendors would agree on data… Read More »We need a cross-platform interface for impact analysis!

Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis It is my belief that one of the most critical steps of the change process is the impact analysis. A good impact analysis can make the difference between profit and loss. Most companies use the item hierarchy, product structure, or bill of material to help determine the impact of a change. However it is not as simple as that, especially with the trend of ever increasing complexity of… Read More »Impact Analysis