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Change Process

5 Ways a CM Baseline brings value

The CM Baseline is one of the foundations of the CM2 Model as it provides you with the correct information about the configuration. It also gives you insights into the changes to the configuration over time and enables the flexibility needed to deal with all these changes without losing configuration control. While there are many use cases, this post will highlight five ways how a CM Baseline brings value to… Read More »5 Ways a CM Baseline brings value


Timing is Everything

In air travel, timing is everything because we do not want to miss our flight or miss a connecting flight. Also, in stories, timing is everything, as it can make or break a story. The same holds for changes; timing can make or break a change. This article will explore the fourth and last component of the CM Baseline: Planning to be more precise Implementation Plans. If you missed any… Read More »Timing is Everything


Dependencies limit the possible sequences of events

If you missed the previous articles from the CM Baseline series, please check them out first: Understanding the Impact of Changes introduces the need for the CM Baseline. Connections tell the Story introduces the first component of the CM Baseline, the Business Object Graph. Intentions are the desire for new Stories, introduced the second component of the CM Baseline, the Impact Matrix. This article will explore the third component of the CM… Read More »Dependencies limit the possible sequences of events

Intentions are the desire for new Stories

In the CM Baseline series, I have used the analogy of flights, flight plans, gates, control towers to explain how difficult it becomes to manage changes and their dependencies to explain the need for the CM2 Baseline, a.k.a. As Planned/As Released Baseline ( ‘Understanding the Impact of Changes‘).  In ‘Connections tell the Story,’ I explained how a Business Object Graph connecting the data from a business perspective across the expert domain… Read More »Intentions are the desire for new Stories

Understanding the Impact of Changes

Imagine a world in which we do not have air traffic control, we do not have flight plans or track the progress against these flight plans, but we do have all the flights we have pre-covid19 and we only have line of sight. Every 45 seconds, a plane arrives or departs at any given major airport. How would you prevent catastrophic plane crashes in such a world? Probably flying would… Read More »Understanding the Impact of Changes

Next Disruption Please…

This blog post is based on the presentation that I gave during the CIMdata PLM Roadmap PDT Fall 2021.  Are you implementing Model-Based Initiatives and wonder how this will impact your company from an end-to-end perspective? And how will these initiatives impact configuration Management? Let’s look at the disruptions Configuration Management has faced and will face, focusing on Model-Based Initiatives.  Where, from a Configuration Management perspective, a digital file still in many… Read More »Next Disruption Please…

Ignorance is Bliss! (till it isn’t)

This post is based on the IpX ConX19 Keynote that I gave together with Martin Haket, remember when we could still do in-person conferences? And it is the prequel to the posts We need a cross-platform interface for impact analysis! and CM2: the cross-platform standard for impact analysis! Thanks to Max Gravel from IpX who was so kind to let me use his images. James Newman triggered me with his comment on my post ‘Would… Read More »Ignorance is Bliss! (till it isn’t)

HELP!!! Parts, Documents, Data & Revisions

Already some time ago (early 2020) the article Has FFF Killed? from Yoann Maingon has generated a lot of discussion, already 100+ comments and counting. It is clear there is a lot of opinions about how to deal with changes to parts, whether parts have revisions or not, and how PLM tools should deal with this. So what better way to start they new year, with a blog post on… Read More »HELP!!! Parts, Documents, Data & Revisions

Configuration Management for Startups

During my interview with Jennifer Moore from Minerva, Jennifer suggested that it would be interesting to read a post on Configuration Management for Startups.  I thought that was an excellent idea, so here it is.  For most startups configuration management might not be the first thing on their mind, or even the second or third…. But whether consciously aware about it or not, most if not all startups are dealing with configuration management. This post… Read More »Configuration Management for Startups

Why CM2 for Faster Change and Better Documentation: an interview by Jennifer Moore for Minerva PLM TV

Jennifer Moore from Minerva PLM TV interviewed me recently. We talked about Enterprise Configuration management, CM2, more vs less changes, change faster and document better, the challenges of CM, how to get your CM journey started and more. For me the CM journey started when I was still working at Philips with the book CMII for Business Process Infrastructure by Vincent C. Guess. This book was the reason to invite… Read More »Why CM2 for Faster Change and Better Documentation: an interview by Jennifer Moore for Minerva PLM TV